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From process water for industrial applications to drinking water and from cooling liquids to ultrapure water. Optimal liquid quality can only be guaranteed by using the right filtration. However, good filtration is only feasible with good and controlled transport of water and liquids.

Omniplast is a specialist in the development and production of plastic pipes for transporting water and other liquids. In various diameters, resistant to chemical influences, with a variety of couplings and connectors. And if we don’t have it in our standard range, we can certainly develop it.



Omniplast products for filtration

Omniplast offers a wide range of plastic pipes and fittings for the safe transport of water and liquids under high pressure. Both KIWA certification and Irrigation quality pipes guarantee a long and maintenance-free life.

At Omniplast we develop a variety of plastic pipes. Pressure pipes, drain pipes, transport pipes and a wide range of fittings. For a wide range of applications. From transport to protection.

Couplings are essential. For drain pipes, but especially for pressure pipes. Omniplast offers fittings in a variety of diameters and angles. For any desired connection solution. Durable, secure and safe.



Some of our projects

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Other markets

In the agricultural world, there is a demand for straightforward solutions. Solid and reliable. For irrigation, water supply and feed transport.

Greenhouse horticulture has become the college of water management. Smart solutions contribute to optimal irrigation and the efficient transport of water and heat.

Irrigation and water treatment is more topical than ever. In the Netherlands, we are masters at this. From draining excess water to supplying water during droughts.

Water treatment is the guarantee of quality water when it is needed. From safe drinking water for humans and animals to its use in complex processes.

Reliable and maintenance-free pipes are also in demand in the industrial sector. For a wide range of processes and manufacturing operations.

Projects in earth, road and water works require pipelines that provide protection for water, energy and electricity. Strong, flexible, reliable and resistant to external influences.

The supply of water, electricity and heat energy requires pipelines that can withstand rough conditions. That means safety and durability are of the utmost importance.