Positive expectations for exports of horticultural greenhouses despite the corona crisis

Positive expectations for exports of horticultural greenhouses despite the corona crisis

The world’s population is growing, and with it the increasing demand for food and water. Also, more and more countries want to transition to more sustainable food production. Partly because of these developments, countries are striving for self-sufficiency in order to reduce dependence on others and increase food security. Although the corona crisis is turning the world on its head, it is expected that the desire for food self-sufficiency will increase significantly as a result of the corona crisis. A development from which Dutch suppliers of material, technology and knowledge in this field can benefit.

Dutch greenhouse horticulture has a strong position in the global market. In recent years, the export of horticultural greenhouses has increased significantly, with the export value in 2019 resulting in approximately 460 million euros. These greenhouses went to Asia, the Middle East, but also to Europe, where Germany is a major customer.

Plastics are an important component for greenhouse construction. Plastic pipes are not only used for the supply and drainage of water to horticultural greenhouses, but are also used for the irrigation and feeding of crops.

Although the export value of Dutch horticultural greenhouses increased by 22 percent in 2019, the first part of 2020 shows a different trend. The most recent figures, through April 2020, even show a decline in exports in the spring. So the corona crisis has caused a significant dip. However, this decline is expected to be temporary. Before the crisis, countries around the world were already looking to make their food yields more sustainable. In addition, the corona crisis has now made it clear to some countries that they want to become less dependent on others for food supplies. The expectation is therefore that the desire for self-sufficiency has actually increased. A development from which Dutch greenhouse builders and all suppliers who export equipment, technology and knowledge in this field will benefit.

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