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Pipes come in all shapes and sizes. And for all kinds of purposes. At Omniplast you choose the very best quality plastic pipes and plastic fittings.

Product overview

Omniplast offers a wide range of plastic pipes and fittings for the safe transport of water and liquids under high pressure. Both KIWA certification and Irrigation quality pipes guarantee a long and maintenance-free life.

Omniplast offers a wide range of drain pipes and matching fittings for draining water. Manufactured to the highest quality standards with a KOMO quality mark and DUBO certificate for a long and maintenance-free life.

Couplings are essential. For drain pipes, but especially for pressure pipes. Omniplast offers fittings in a variety of diameters and angles. For any desired connection solution. Durable, secure and safe.

Plastic piping forms an important nervous system in many industrial environments. For transporting water and liquids and for cooling and heating. Safety and reliability are of great importance here.

At Omniplast we develop a variety of plastic pipes. Pressure pipes, drain pipes, transport pipes and a wide range of fittings. For a wide range of applications. From transport to protection.