Drain pipes




Omniplast offers a wide range of drain pipes and matching fittings for draining water. Manufactured to the highest quality standards with a KOMO quality mark and DUBO certificate for a long and maintenance-free life.

Drain pipes

Types of drain pipes

Bipeau PVC pipes are specially designed for indoor sewer systems. They have KOMO certification and are made of multiple inner and outer layers of recycled raw materials. The multiple layers create greater ring stiffness.

Solid wall PVC pipes are made of 100% PVC. Fitted with preformed glued sleeve, they are easy to process. Solid wall PVC pipes are extra strong and known for their high resistance to wear and impact.


RWD (Rainwater Discharge) PVC pipes are specifically designed to drain rainwater. Available in different diameters. With handy connection and coupling pieces for easy processing.

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