Solid wall

Solid wall drain pipes

Solid wall

Solid wall PVC pipes are made of 100% PVC. Fitted with preformed glued sleeve, they are easy to process. Solid wall PVC pipes are extra strong and known for their high resistance to wear and impact.

Specifications of Solid wall
Diameter range

up to ⌀400mm

Pressure class

For non-pressure applications

Stiffness class

SN2, SN4 and SN8 with KOMO approval (excl. SN2) according to BRL 2023 for indoor sewer systems and BRL9208-1 for external sewer systems.

Length availability

Standard pipe length is 4 and 5 meters. Other lengths on request.

What makes our solid wall drain pipes unique?
2available as straight pipe

Solid wall with own specification?

Omniplast’s experienced engineers and developers make it possible to develop and produce custom tubes. This customization option offers you the flexibility to have a solution for almost every application.
Contact for custom drain pipes?

Do you have questions about a drain pipes according to your own specifications? Or do you want a unique solution? Ask one of our experts.

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