Fittings pressure

Pressure fittings

To connect pressure pipes, it is preferable to use fittings with adhesive bonding. Irrespective of diameter and angle, Omniplast quality fittings guarantee a leak-proof and durable connection.

Specifications of Pressure fittings

A complete program of PVC pressure fittings is available.

Diameter range

⌀12 to ⌀400mm

Pressure class

PN 6 – 7,5 – 10 – 12,5 – 16

Stiffness class
Length availability
What makes our fittings unique?
2internal thread
3external thread

Pressure fittings with own specification?

Omniplast’s experienced engineers and developers make it possible to develop and produce custom tubes. This customization option offers you the flexibility to have a solution for almost every application.
Contact for custom fittings?

Do you have questions about fittings according to your own specifications? Or do you want a unique solution? Ask one of our experts.

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